Jan 20 – Feb 18


Your portfolio is suddenly getting diversified, and by force if not necessity. Whether you do it willingly or kicking and screaming, you'll be a little better off for it than those around you.

The first two days of this week will be filled with good buzz – your ideas will float to the top and you'll find that people are more attentive than usual. Try something new. Rein yourself in midweek, though. By Wednesday you might be seized with an extravagant impulse that should be suppressed for the time being. Financial risks will not pay off. Friday brings new opportunities, possibly too many to jump on all at once. Choose carefully, but go into it wholeheartedly. You'll feel like plowing through more work over the weekend.

Things can positively fall together this month. On January 2, ruling Uranus makes a direct turn in your communication sector, amplifying your keen mind, ideas, and rapport (not that you haven’t had lots of thoughts during the retrograde).

On the eighth, career-focused Mars sextiles Pluto in your seemingly out of sight twelfth house, suggesting more success if you don’t broadcast your goals right now. Wait until your lucky days, January 17 and January 18, to schedule meetings. Search if you’re job hunting. Send out resumes and arrange interviews.

Sagittarius Mars begins transiting your sector of friends, future potential, and long-range objectives on the twenty-sixth. The sign symbolizes a pivotal turning point. Commitments to the future are inspired, so think about them carefully. What happened the last time Mars journeyed through this area two-and-a-half years ago?

On January 31, an other-directed eclipse in Leo and your seventh house with a more personal Aquarius Mercury ends the month with a little opposition about what you want. Mercury, with Aquarius Venus, needs satisfaction. Either a business or personal partner might be more agreeable if he or she knew what you were doing and why. Talk about it. It is to your advantage next month and through April.

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