Apr 20 – May 20


Whatever you've planned should go quite well for you – and if you allow room for romantic possibilities, they're quite likely to come your way of their own accord. Look around you, smile big, let love rule!

You're an unstoppable force of love at the beginning of the week, but it's not because you're conking 'em over the head and dragging 'em off, caveperson-style. Rather, you're grounded and sure of yourself – as well as able to see things from their perspective. It's charming and sexy all at once. Beware of romantic weirdness from Wednesday through Thursday; try not to take it personally. By Friday, it'll all normalize, and you could find yourself mentally linked with exactly the right person. With this kind of understanding, things can progress gorgeously.

This month gets off to a bold start when an aspect on January 3 highlights falling for someone new. You’re a little more romantic than usual, which is saying something for you.

On the fourth, make sure to think about any little wounds you may need to heal before attracting someone new into your life. This is especially true if you’re single, but it’s also useful for married and partnered Bulls.

By January 6, you’re ready to get into some fun mischief when two aspects urge you to move outside your famous comfort zone. Switching things up on date night could bring you closer together than ever before.

On the eighth, three harmonious aspects ask you to look within your heart to see what you really need. If it’s more love and romance, it’s time to ask for it. If it’s more time in the bedroom, you know what to do.

By January 9, things get pretty hot indeed between the two of you, so you might have to have a backup outfit to wear home the next day.

By the thirteenth through fifteenth, it’s time to take another step in your union. Talking about long-term plans, or even plans for the next few months, builds trust.

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