Apr 20 – May 20


There are more ways than one to take risks. Unfortunately, your finances and your emotions are all tied together in one big knot. That makes any risk you consider not worth taking.

Get ready for struggles Monday. It might be as simple as office territoriality, or as complex as international wrangling over strategic goals, but there will definitely be conflict involving you and your immediate coworkers. Allies will come to the rescue midweek, and you'll owe them surprisingly little after you emerge victorious. Despite pulling out ahead, you could feel a little down on Friday. Don't take those feelings out on your budget – you can't afford any unnecessary spending just yet.

This month you enjoy an admirable sense of timing, as in knowing the right moment to act. You’re also on top of it with a little help from your planetary friends. On January 3, vague plans take shape in your mind when ruling Venus forms an opportunity aspect with nebulous Neptune. Let those ideas grow, and especially hang on to those urges that are deeply felt. They are signals from a restless mind seeking opportunities.

Venus, forceful Mars, expansive Jupiter, and Pluto of desires actively unite between the sixth and ninth, and the group synchronously stirs static conditions. The involvement of your seventh house suggests a separation of some type brings new possibilities.

The new moon on January 16 opens the door for new starts in the following 30 days, but ruling Venus at 29 degrees recommends finishing old business first. Ever fortunate Venus enters your career house on January 17, and a past action bears fruit over the next few weeks.

The twenty-fourth is your lucky day. Search if job hunting and send out resumes. Simultaneously, Mars sparks far-reaching changes while transiting your eighth house.

The lunar eclipse on January 31 advises research and analysis in light of new information. Next month, you play an important role as you fight for issues.

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